Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Chicago DUI Arrest A Day, Every Day, ALL YEAR, for One Chicago Police Officer

This Chicago DUI lawyer wonders if the public is honestly supposed to believe that a Chicago Police Officer makes a legitimate Chicago DUI arrest every work day of the year. Chicago Police Officer Richard Fiorito is the number 2 cop according to the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM), in Illinois in 2007. He made 230 Chicago DUI arrests in 2007. Let's do the math here; there are approximately 260 days in a work year, assuming five days a week of work and no vacation time! Given that math, there were only 30 days out of the 260 days that Chicago DUI cop Fiorito did not make a Chicago DUI arrest. Maybe he just likes the award recognition from AAIM.

Heck, you cannot even make AAIM's list of "Top DUI Cops" without a minimum of 100 DUI arrests. In 2006, Chicago DUI Cop Fiorito was further down the list at number 6, behind number one former Chicago DUI Cop, John Haleas, who has been indicted on charges of falsifying Chicago DUI arrest reports.

In 2007, another top Chicago DUI Cop, Joe Parker, was ranked at number #8 with 153 arrests. As I indicated here, Officer Parker is currently under investigation for falsifying Chicago DUI arrest reports. As I survey the list of AAIM's top Chicago DUI Cops, I find many that I am familiar with - because I achieved verdicts of NOT GUILTY OF DUI for my clients who were arrested by them. I have already sued the City of Chicago on behalf of a client who I successfully defended on a DUI charge after he was arrested by one of these "Top DUI Cops".

I wonder if AAIM hasn't posted its 2008 Top DUI Cops list yet because it has no interest in sullying its name with rebuked Chicago DUI Cops, and other officers making questionable DUI arrests in Cook County.

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