Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Top Chicago DUI Officer is Accused of Falsifying DUI Arrest Reports

As I noted on my Chicago DUI website here, just because they make plenty of arrests, and receive lots of awards and accolades, does not mean they are doing things by the book. Chicago Police Officer Joe Parker has several pending DUI cases in Chicago right now that have come under scrutiny by the Cook County State's Attorney. I know Officer Parker was a highly respected police officer and this investigation has come as a surprise to many of the Cook County State's Attorneys. Then again they were also surprised when Chicago Police Officer John Haleas was accused of falsifying Chicago DUI arrests. As an experienced Chicago DUI lawyer, I have had many clients charged with a DUI by so-called highly-respected members of the Chicago Police Department. The more cases I see over the years, the more and more I begin to doubt these police officers. As I often say to my clients who have been arrested and charged with DUI, Chicago Police Officers, and the prosecutors; "there is enough real crime in Chicago, nobody needs to make up cases against innocent people."

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