Thursday, February 26, 2009

Proposed Legislation to Suspend Your Driver's License for a DUI on a Snowmobile

This Chicago DUI lawyer is letting you know that it's a good thing there's no way you can snowmobile today. Your state legislators are very busy down in Springfield. Right now, they are pushing to change the law so that if you get charged with a DUI while using a snowmobile, your driver's license will be suspended. That's right, your decision to drink and operate a snowmobile, if this bill becomes law, would get your driver's license suspended as if you were driving a car. Do you even need a driver's license to use a snowmobile in Illinois? No. You have to have a parent or guardian with a special safety certificate and be a minimum of ten years old. If you are an adult, then you have to take that special safety certificate course. Again, the scope of making things safer for the general population is getting stretched to the ridiculous. This is no different, in my opinion, than suspending the driver's license of a person under 21 years of age because they got caught buying alcohol or consuming it as I discussed here and you can read more about it here. Does anyone else see the absolute absurdity of it all?

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