Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is This Really What You Want Your State Legislators Focusing On Right Now

This Chicago DUI Lawyer is concerned that during the current Illinois State Legislative Session, your representatives are trying once again to single out DUI as an exception to the rules.


HB3681 LRB096 09520 AJT 19677 b

1 AN ACT concerning transportation.

2 Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:

4 Section 5. The Illinois Vehicle Code is amended by adding
5 Section 16-106.3 as follows:

6 (625 ILCS 5/16-106.3 new)
7 Sec. 16-106.3. Erroneous appearance date. In any case
8 alleging a violation of Section 11-501 of this Code or similar
9 local ordinance, a case shall not be dismissed due to an error
10 by the arresting officer or clerk of the court or both in
11 setting a person's first appearance date.

More and more, I am beginning to see the defense of DUI's as my patriotic duty to uphold the Constitution.

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