Thursday, May 31, 2018

This Chicago DUI lawyer has posted here and here about breath tests.

Today there is news that there is a way to workaround the numbers.

Mr Barrett said the audit found a suspicious number of breath tests were being conducted in quick succession.Normally, there should be some space of time between each test to take into account an officer on the road talking to a driver and breathalysing them, before moving on to the next car.But the faked tests were occurring one after the other.This suggests two things: an officer is either placing a finger over the straw entry hole or they were blowing into the straw themselves.Force command don’t yet know why some members were doing this, but it could be laziness, pressure to meet quotas of road tests or a combination of the two.The question we all asked was why? There could be a number of reasons but the main rationale I believe is to hide or highlight productivity. Whatever reason our workforce may come up with, it isn’t acceptable,” Mr Barrett said.

We must remain vigilant in challenging these tests and those who would provide them.