Monday, November 3, 2014

Chicago DUI Attorney Reminds You To Vote

Tomorrow is election day.  And like many people, I am busy.  My husband is busy.  We have to work.  I have to pack after work for a flight for a memorial service.  But we voted already.  We prefer to vote early so that nothing gets in the way on election day.

This year, we decided to vote by mail/absentee ballot.  If you do not already have a mail/absentee ballot you are not able to do so for tomorrow's election.  And please note, your ballot must be "postmarked before Election Day and received no later than 14 days after Election Day in order to be counted."  So that means your ballot must be postmarked no later than today ( this is for Chicago registered voters).  Otherwise you, or your authorized agent, can hand deliver it to the Board of Elections no later than 7 pm on Election Day.  Your ballot cannot be turned in at an Early Voting Site, nor can it be turned in at your actual Polling Place to be counted.

But why is voting important? In Cook County over seventy judges are on the ballot, many to be retained.  This is your chance to give voice to what you think is important.  And yes there are guides from an array of Bar Associations who are recommending, and in some cases not recommending which judges you should vote for and which judges should be retained  That said, it is a small, and important act for you to do your own research.  Some of the judges have been featured in the news for their own legal woes.  Some have been featured in the news for how they treat citizens who come to court to watch proceedings.  Still others have been featured for their actual rulings.  

You have the power of the Internet.  Yes.  Please take your guide on the judges, but go ahead and check the names for decisions they've made and to learn a bit more about them.

There are also, in the City of Chicago, referendums on the ballot.  One is about universal background checks for the purchase of guns.  Another is about medical cannabis dispensaries and whether local municipalities should decide where they are located.  There are even referendums about insurance companies paying for prescription birth control methods and increasing the minimum wage.  Finally, there is also a bill that would expand the rights of victims in court proceedings.  All of these are important.  You can take a bit of time before you vote and harness the Internet for more than sports scores or what happened on the Kardashians, you can research every candidate. You can research every referendum.  You may very well be like me and surprise yourself with your choices.