Monday, October 1, 2012

Chicago DUI Attorney Comments on the Pending Demise of Court Supervision

This Chicago DUI attorney wonders, and not in jest, how long it will be before judges are unnecessary.  She’s posted here, and here about the erosion of judicial discretion and it looks like that erosion may very well continue if you don’t write your legislators that you trust the judiciary to grant court supervision when, and where it’s appropriate.

A state traffic safety committee on Tuesday unanimously approved Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White’s proposal to make drivers involved in fatal collisions ineligible for court supervision.
Under current law, drivers involved in some fatal crashes may seek court supervision. White, the traffic safety committee’s chairman, pushed to end that practice.
One of the reasons I left prosecution was this very issue where citizens were charged in fatalities when they clearly were not at fault. This included the prosecution of a mother, when her child died in a an accident.  She wasn't drinking, she wasn't texting, it was just a horrible tragedy.  

It's time.  It's time to exercise your democracy and let your legislators know that you trust judges to grant court supervision in fatalities.  Sometimes, tragedy strikes and there isn't a need to heap punishment on top of the tragedy.