Monday, January 28, 2013

Chicago DUI Attorney Says, "Si Su Puede!" Driver's Licenses for The Undocumented Are Now Legal

This Chicago DUI attorney has posted here, here, here, and here about undocumented people driving in Illinois.  Yesterday, Governor Quinn signed into law a bill that will permit undocumented people to obtain valid driver’s licenses in Illinois.  This should be good news no matter your feelings on undocumented folks.  It was clear to me when I was a prosecutor and it is just as clear to me now as a defense attorney that undocumented people drive.  It makes far more sense to let them legally obtain licenses.  It means that when they purchase insurance, a requirement of the law that is not required for those that are documented in order to have a license, that insurance will honor claims filed on that policy.  The insurance company can no longer have a back way out of paying on the claim by cancelling the policy when a claim is made against it due to the policy holder lacking a valid driver’s license.  Something I’ve seen more times than I can count.

From the Chicago SunTimes: The signing of a bill Sunday allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses attracted dozens of potential motorists and a pack of top Illinois politicians, all eager to tout their role in legislation many see as a precursor to comprehensive immigration reform that could create a windfall of new citizens, and voters. Auto insurance is a requirement for drivers under the new Temporary Visitor’s Driver’s Licenses program, which also requires drivers to pass a vision exam, a written test and driving test, said Secretary of State Jesse White during the bill signing ceremony Sunday afternoon in the Little Village neighborhood.The licenses will be limited to driving purposes only, said White, who added they will not be accepted as valid identification for a host of other activities, such as boarding an airplane.Illinois is now the fourth and most populous state to give illegal immigrants permission to drive.
Now, let’s hope we can make our roads safer while our politicians move away from the feel good stories and get down to the tough business at land.